Podcast: Unlocking Physical Security Costs

In Episode 2 of the new podcast 'Unlocked', we take you on the journey of an IT Director at a small college as he navigates through the sometimes choppy waters of purchasing and implementing a new door access system for his campus. Hear some best practices from a leading integrator on how you can avoid some of the pitfalls when starting your own physical security project. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/podcast-unlocking-physical-security-costs/

Podcast: Unlocking Campus Lockdown

Active shooter emergencies are a reality on today's campuses. On this first episode of the podcast series 'Unlocked', we take a look at what can go wrong during these emergencies and what can be done to make sure students, staff and faculty are kept safe. Learn about the different lockdown procedures and protocols, and why every campus needs to have a good emergency preparedness plan in place. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/podcast-unlocking-campus-lockdown/