Weighing the hacking risks

It’s a story that seems worthy of front-page headlines: A hacker exposes a major flaw in the protocol that underlies many of the world’s access control systems, defeating it in minutes with some clever programming and off-the-shelf components. That’s exactly what happened during the DefCon conference in Las Vegas last August, when Zac Franken demonstrated how to attack the widely used Wiegand protocol. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/weighing-the-hacking-risks/

A safe investment

It’s hard to overlook the eye-catching Göteborg Opera House, a 160-meter wide building, which graces the Swedish city’s harbor. Designed by architect Jan Izikowitz and completed in 1994, it is still considered to be one of the most technically advanced and modern opera houses in the world, with state-of-the-art lighting, stage and sound technology. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/a-safe-investment/