Taking event ticketing into the mobile world

Ticketing for events such as football matches and exhibitions is set for a dramatic leap into the digital realm of smartphones, thanks to an innovation being developed with Seos technology by HID Global’s internal startup The Trusted Mobile Ticketing Venture. Take part of Luc Faucher and Philip Hoyer's "Eureka!" moment. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/taking-event-ticketing-into-the-mobile-world/

Podcast: Unlocking the Security of Security

On this final episode of Unlocked, three campus security experts share how to keep your physical security devices secure, and why it’s just as important as cybersecurity. Also learn some great tips on how to improve communications between campus departments to help your physical security projects go from committee meetings to reality. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/podcast-unlocking-the-security-of-security/

What urbanization means to ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY has been focused on the urbanization megatrend for many years, but there are also many sub trends arising from urbanization. An increase in multi-family housing and the rise of in-home services are just two examples. “We are helping people focus on what they want to do instead of having to stay at home all day to wait for a delivery”, says Björn Lidefelt. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/what-urbanization-means-to-assa-abloy/

Digital identities in your everyday life

Trusted identities will soon move from simply an add-on feature to become embedded in applications used in daily routines for both consumers and professional users. This trend is partly driven by the evolution of workplaces and temporary offices. Shortly we will see new applications emerge such as employee mustering - real-time reporting of employees' and guests’ locations during an evacuation. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/embedding-trusted-identities-more-deeply-in-everyday-activities-for-businesses-and-consumers/

Shift on the wearable horizon

From smart watches and smart jewelry to Fitbits and Jawbones, wearable technology is becoming ubiquitous in today’s world. But wearables are evolving to become multi-functional. This means users need only one device to open their hotel room, start their car and unlock their front door. And to simplify things further, the next generation wearables might soon be embedded to your clothing or equipment. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/shift-on-the-wearable-horizon/

The locksmith of tomorrow

Once upon a time, if you wanted a lock, you went to a locksmith. That's no longer true – you might go to a home improvement store, or the Internet, or a home automation company, or a security consultant. All of them provide locks and some of them will fit them too. So where does that leave the locksmith? The business seems to be at a crossroads - specialize on a specific service like access control or broaden the offering with CCTV and burglar alarms? https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/the-locksmith-of-tomorrow/

What’s happening in the Cloud?

Cloud computing has changed the way the physical security industry works. And the evolution is far from over, according to experts. The cloud is what delivers computer software, infrastructure and storage over the Internet as a service that is based on user demand. Expense and expertise are only two benefits that cloud solutions bring to the security industry. But how will the cloud change physical security in the future? The Future Lab decided to investigate. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/whats-happening-in-the-cloud/

Busting the myths around wireless access control

EXPERT OPINION. Let’s begin with something that’s hardly front-page news: the market potential for wireless access control is huge. At January’s Intersec exhibition forecasts of 15% annual growth in the Middle East region alone were suggested. ASSA ABLOY’s own data predicts that wireless locks could make up 30% of the total market within a decade. The potential is there. But when ASSA ABLOY worked with IFSECglobal.com last year on a major market survey of security managers, industry insiders and decision-makers, we encountered some big surprises. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/busting-the-myths-around-wireless-access-control/

Healthy ecosystems support diversity

We have reached the third and final part in the Future Lab article series about security ecosystems. This time we investigate important qualities that an ecosystem needs to have in place in order to be successful, but we also look at some of the pitfalls. A business network has to support diversity and is only as strong as its weakest link. Finally we get to hear a cautionary tale from the consumer electronics industry. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/healthy-ecosystems-support-diversity/