Watch your (digital) step!

Maybe you cover your PIN number when you enter it into an ATM. Perhaps you change and strengthen your computer passwords often. You may even refrain from posting personal information on your favorite social networking site. But in today’s wired world, no matter what precautions we take, everyone leaves digital footprints behind.

Weighing the hacking risks

It’s a story that seems worthy of front-page headlines: A hacker exposes a major flaw in the protocol that underlies many of the world’s access control systems, defeating it in minutes with some clever programming and off-the-shelf components. That’s exactly what happened during the DefCon conference in Las Vegas last August, when Zac Franken demonstrated how to attack the widely used Wiegand protocol.

World Bank report – Roadmap for Open IT Ecosystems

The World Bank has published a report intended to promote the use of open standards in the IT systems of large corporations and governments. The report, entitled "Roadmap for Open IT Ecosystems," was developed with the Open ePolicy Group and is intended to help large organizations and governments incorporate the use of open standards into their IT infrastructures.