Shift on the wearable horizon

From smart watches and smart jewelry to Fitbits and Jawbones, wearable technology is becoming ubiquitous in today’s world. But wearables are evolving to become multi-functional. This means users need only one device to open their hotel room, start their car and unlock their front door. And to simplify things further, the next generation wearables might soon be embedded to your clothing or equipment.

Developing mobile access for hotels

We recently posted and article about how products are developed at ASSA ABLOY's shared global innovation organization, Shared Technologies. We continue this series by talking to Dennis Johannesson, R&D Project Manager at ASSA ABLOY Hospitality. Dennis has been creating key solutions for the hospitality industry for almost two decades and has experienced the journey from a traditional mechanical key to an app in the phone.

Hotels check in

The last time you were in a hotel, you probably didn’t ask to check how good the locks were. You probably were more interested in the quality of the restaurant, or whether use of the sauna was included in the price. Perhaps . . . just perhaps, you checked where the fire exit was before you went to bed.

Hotels at sea

If you wanted to describe the security challenges of a cruise liner, you could think of a hotel inside an airport. When it comes to the individual cabins, a cruise ship requires the same kind of security as a hotel: secure doors to the rooms, records of who has been going in and out, perhaps cameras in the corridors to check on lurkers.