Wireless Access Control in 2018

The market for access control is changing. But how? How fast? And what factors will affect your business between now and 2025? A new report by IFSEC Global, ASSA ABLOY and IHS Markit address these and other questions, presenting and interpreting freshly researched industry data. Take part of a trend summary and download the whole report here. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/wireless-access-control-in-2018/

Why we are digitizing

The Internet of Things and the digitization of our industry is having a huge impact on ASSA ABLOY. The need for employees with new knowledge and experience has risen sharply within the company. But this transformation also calls for new ways of working and being open to working with new partners. These times emphasize the need for clear goals and remembering why we are digitizing. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/why-we-are-digitizing/

Wireless Access Control in 2016

Given the critical advantages wireless technology has over both mechanical locks and wired access control, we would expect to find the market moving steadily towards wireless. Following up on the 2014 survey, this new report certainly backs up that expectation. The report also examines how electronic access control can secure openings and areas other than standard doors and entrances, like IT servers, safes and outdoor structures. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/the-wireless-access-control-market-in-2016/

The locksmith of tomorrow

Once upon a time, if you wanted a lock, you went to a locksmith. That's no longer true – you might go to a home improvement store, or the Internet, or a home automation company, or a security consultant. All of them provide locks and some of them will fit them too. So where does that leave the locksmith? The business seems to be at a crossroads - specialize on a specific service like access control or broaden the offering with CCTV and burglar alarms? https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/the-locksmith-of-tomorrow/

Hotels check in

The last time you were in a hotel, you probably didn’t ask to check how good the locks were. You probably were more interested in the quality of the restaurant, or whether use of the sauna was included in the price. Perhaps . . . just perhaps, you checked where the fire exit was before you went to bed. https://futurelab.assaabloy.com/en/hotels-check-in/