The significance of standards and ecosystems

The security industry is undergoing a profound change as security technology evolves in the digital age. That is a given, an obvious truth. But a concurrent evolution — the continuing development of a Business Ecosystem that links competing companies, their suppliers and their customers in the security industry — is inextricably linked to how that profound change will result in a healthy marketplace, according to security industry consultant David Bunzel.

The symbiosis of digital and physical security

The challenge of modern security reminds one of the 1955 Stargazers hit, "Close the door – they're coming through the window": as soon as you've stopped one weak point, the challenges appear somewhere else, and the challenge is getting bigger all the time. From home automation systems to major data centers, the situation seems to be the same - you must assure digital security to guarantee physical security and the other way around. A clear symbiosis.