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This article comes from a magazine read by Security Directors and the author makes the case for, and urges the readers to demand, interoperability among security products through open communication standards.

Every time we browse the internet, send an email or download a file, we are benefiting from the fact that the internet is built on open standards and any manufacturer of computer hardware, network equipment and software can make product that works successfully with all other equipment in the system. This openness was not initially embraced by most players, particularly those with a vested interest in an existing proprietary system – such as Microsoft, AOL and CompuServe. However, consumer demand and the rapid adoption of standards by small and large competitors quickly forced these companies to change course and become open standard compliant. There is no question that the industry has a whole benefited from much more rapid growth and “the rising tide lifted all boats”.

As the author claims, it is only a matter of time before this phenomenon occurs in the security industry. ASSA ABLOY is active in promoting and developing open standards and will be in the vanguard of this change.

Read the full article here – Coopetition Arrives


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