Accelerating access control and inventory tracking

Businesses today are demanding new access control and inventory tracking solutions to improve security, enhance convenience and increase efficiency. Companies want more information and capabilities, but current high frequency (HF) technologies are not keeping pace. However, innovations in ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology are now giving organizations new choices and the potential to revolutionize these processes throughout the enterprise.


Containers with UHF tracking closures can be identified from up to 26 ft (8 m).

From its origins in retail inventory tracking, UHF is often referred to as RFID (radio frequency identification). The higher frequencies of UHF allow for longer distances than existing HF technologies. However, UHF has traditionally been a costly technology, requiring a controller and several antennas to control an area. Not anymore.

Recent advances in UHF technology have made long-distance access control, tracking and electronic product codes (EPC) more economical, easier to install and more compatible with a wider variety of form factors.

Recent advances in technology means UHF now offers the possibility of revolutionizing access control and asset tracking across a number of industries

Improving access and security across industries

Organizations across a wide variety of industries are under constant pressure to gain efficiency, lower costs and improve quality—all while maintaining appropriate security for employees and company property. UHF technology helps meet these business goals for companies with a wide range of access control requirements.

  • Parking and Gate Access

    “No-stop” hands-free parking access with UHF credentials offers a highly secure, long distance option for parking gate control and the additional benefit of improved vehicle flow through parking facilities.

    Parking and Gate Access
    UHF readers can identify vehicle tags using hangtags or windshield tags from greater distances, and can also read the personal identity tags of all individuals in a vehicle at once. In addition, access control decisions can be made before a vehicle reaches the gate, improving the flow of people and vehicles throughout the facility.

  • Healthcare
    Because of its long-range capabilities, UHF technology enables truly hands-free access to areas to help maintain the sterile environments required in healthcare. Patients and staff can also be tracked and identified, providing more information about personnel locations and allowing for patient independence in assisted living or mental health facilities without compromising the ability to monitor them.
  • Transportation
    Using UHF tags for passenger identification can help identify individual passengers boarding company buses, reducing the risk of unauthorized access while maintaining efficient boarding processes.
  • Distribution Centers
    Organizations can ensure that the right products are loaded into the right containers, and the right containers end up on the right trailers and those trailers are attached to the right vehicle before they leave the facility, reducing the cost of incorrect shipments.
Worker moving keg with keg tag

UHF tags are optimized to facilitate reliable inventory tracking amidst a dense field of objects, even when items are filled with liquids.

  • Secure Facilities
    At military facilities, UHF technology can be used to track sensitive assets such as munitions as they are stored, moved and distributed around the base. The personnel responsible for the transport and handling of sensitive assets can also be tracked, ensuring that they follow proper protocol for the movement and distribution of those assets.
  • Animal and Livestock Tracking
    Keeping track of animals and livestock on ranches spread across hundreds or thousands of acres is no easy task. UHF technology can help address the challenge of tracking animals using unique form factors like tags that clip to an animal’s ear. The speed and range of UHF allows livestock herds to be inventoried more quickly and accurately than ever, and eliminates searching for lost animals.

UHF offers tracking solutions for pharmaceuticals and controlled substances as they move throughout a healthcare facility

Enhancing UHF with Secure Access Control

From the examples above, it’s clear that UHF technology enables a myriad of innovative solutions for access control and inventory tracking for organizations in multiple industries spread around the globe. With UHF, organizations can get a comprehensive, real-time view of their supply chain to improve convenience, efficiency and decision making. Companies can meet increasing business demands without sacrificing security. In addition, there are several ways that UHF systems can be enhanced to provide even more dynamic and adaptable secure access control solutions.



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Businesses today are demanding new access control and inventory tracking solutions to improve security, enhance convenience and increase efficiency. Innovations in ultra-high frequency (UHF) technology are now meeting this demand with new options for accessing doors and buildings, and managing tracking your assets.

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